Love Spells

Spells work with the Universal Laws of energy to manifest an outcome of personal will. This outcome may or may not be what is best for the spiritual karmic path that you are on. The Universe sometimes keeps balance on its own to keep us in spiritual harmony that is best for us.

Casting a spell or performing candle magick is a skill like any other. Sometimes it is as simple as practice makes perfect. The spell may work the first time or it may not. Spells can be tricky and sometimes take time before the outcome is achieved or even noticed. Spells can also backfire or cause unexpected events to occur. It is very important to be as focused and precise in what it is you desire.

Casting a love spell to get a specific person to fall in love with you is inadvisable for the simple fact that free will is involved and that opens up the door to karmic chaos! Now, that is not to say you couldn’t do a love healing spell that focuses on healing the emotional rifts or arguments between you and another loved one which could help to save a relationship. There is some gray area there and as long as free will is respected go for it. Just remember the main tenet of Wicca is the “Wiccan Rede” which states “And it harm none, do as ye will”.

The best love spell to bring someone to you is one that asks for the person that is right for you and that is seeking you as well.  Keep in mind that you may or may not have any idea who this person is, but the spiritual universe does! You might want to do some meditation or divination on what you truly need in a partner or lover. Make every effort to properly cast a love spell. Focus on a feeling of well being and the warmth that comes from having a special bond with another. Your goal and intent is to attract the right type of person to yourself, not to capture or snare a particular individual. Some will say to be precise on the qualities and characteristics that you are looking for or desire in a mate. In my opinion, it may be best to ask the universe to bring the lover or mate to you that is right for you at this time. We all have karmic lessons to learn in this life and the universe knows best which people will help us on that journey! Just an opinion of mine and the choice is entirely yours!

Blessed Be

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