Magical Properties of Stones and Crystals

The  magical uses of crystals and stones is as old as time. By magic, I am referring to the magical or metaphysical energies associated with the stones  or crystals. Crystals and stones contain the earth’s metaphysical energies. The first shamans knew the hidden power or energy found in these even when they were separated by continents. Many Native American cultures share in the same belief as well. As time went on, amulets and talismans were made to provide the holder with the magical properties of the stones or crystals being used.  There is a vast majority of uses for stones and crystals that has been studied and used over the ages of time. The macical properties of stones and crystals can be a very useful aid in any magical or Wiccan spell.

Stones and crystals have projective and receptive properties or energies that are associated with them.  These metaphysical properties are everywhere within the universe. Too much of one causes problems, thus warranting the need for balance. A person feeling out of balance or lacking within a certain aspect of them-self could use a certain stone or crystal that had a desired metaphysical energy to bring balance back into them-self.   One must also understand that the color of stones contributes to the metaphysical energies and properties they contain. Here is a list of stones and crystals with metaphysical uses associated with them. This list is not all inclusive.

Colored stones and crystals contain these metaphysical properties:

Red-represents blood and sacredness to some, associated with fire, lends courage and power.

Pink- calming and loving vibrations, cheerfulness

Orange- personal success, selling, symbols of the sun

Yellow- Communication and movement-associated with air

Green- nature, fertility, grounding associated with earth mostly but water at times, the unknown

Blue- Associated with water, dreams, emotions, intuition

Purple- Associated with spiritual healing and mysticism, meditation, psychic work

White- Associated with the moon, sleep, psychism, power

Black- associated with Akashic and repelling negativity

Crystal and Stone List:

Agate- Strength, courage, love, healing, protection

Alexandrite- luck, love

Amber- luck, healing, strength, lifeforce energy, beauty, love

Amethyst- dreams, healing, psychism, peace, love protection, happiness

Aquamarine- psychism, peace, purification

Aventurine- mental powers, eyesight, luck, money

Azurite- psychism,dreams,divination

Beryl- psychism, energy, clairvoyant psychic reading, healing, love

Bloodstone- healing, halt bleeding, strength, courage, wealth

Carnelian- protection, sexual energy(libedo), courage

Cat’s-Eye- Beauty, wealth, gambling

Citrine- psychism, communication, knowledge

Coral- wisdom, healing,

Crystal (Quartz)- psychism, power, guided intent, healing, there are differrent colors of quartz for various uses

Diamond- spirituality, strength, courage

Emerald- love, money, wisdom, psychicsm

Flourite- mental strength, meditation

Garnet- protection, strength

Geodes- childbirth, fertility, meditation, projection of energy

Hematite- grounding,divination, healing

Jade- wisdom, love, healing, vitality

Jasper- calling rain, healing, beauty

Jet- Akasha knowledge, divination, luck, protection

Kunzite- calming, relaxing

Lapis Lazuli- spiritual psychism, healing

Malachite- protection, magical energy, success

Moonstone- love, sleep, psychism, divination

Onyx- protection, defense magic

Opal- astral projection, psychism, magical power raising, beauty

Ruby- power, wealth, protection, banish sadness

Salt- purification, grounding, protection

Sapphire- psychism, divination, healing,

Sodalite- meditation, healing, calming

Sugilite- spirituality, healing, psychism

Sunstone- healing, selling success, persuasion, solar energy

Tigers-Eye- courage, protection, energy, divination

Topaz- protection, wealth, healing

Turquoise- spirtuality, calming, protection, luck

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